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How much does professional  wedding photography cost?

Professional wedding photography can cost you from several hundred dollars to well into the thousands. This is dependent upon the type and numbers of photos; how long the photographer stays at your wedding; and a host of other services you choose.

Can I have other photographers?

It's not uncommon for family members, relatives, or friends to take pictures too. However, we want to insure that their desires do not interfere with the quality of our photographs, which you are paying for. Especially during the formal poses, we want to make sure the subjects are looking at us - not the other photographers.

Do you have a list of the standard or formal poses?

Yes. These are found on our Photo Planning page. We have listed many of the standard poses from which you can choose one or all of them.  

 How flexible are your packages to fit my needs?

The standard packages are only a starting point. We provide you with a list of all the services and variations available to you. You decide what you would like to receive, which will fit within your budgeted photography expense. For more information on this, check out our Wedding Packages or our Quinceanera Packages.    

How many photographs will you be taking?

This is dependent on the length of time the photographer will be at your event. Regardless of how many photos you initially indicated you want, the photographer will be shooting several hundred pictures, capturing as many candid and formal shots as possible. It's much easier to choose which photographs you would like when you are presented with a larger selection.

Do you give me the photos on disc?

One of the options we do provide our customers is receiving their photos on a digital disc.

Do I need to sign any kind of an agreement?

To eliminate the possibility of any misunderstandings, it is a good business practice to "get it all in writing." A written agreement is provided at the time you meet with us.
Why is wedding photography expensive?

Many factors go into pricing a wedding. One of the largest considerations is the photographer's time. This is not only time spent at the wedding. The average amount of labor that a photographer spends involved with a wedding is 40 hours. There is the time spent at the wedding and numerous visits with you and other wedding party attendees. After the wedding, there is the time of sorting through several hundred images, and selecting the best ones to present to you. Additional time is spent on cropping and correcting important shots to make them look their best.
Other types of events, including quinceañeras are typically less expensive. They don't require as much of the photographer's time and there are less pictures involved.

 What type of photographs do you take?

All of the photos are digital images taken with Canon digital cameras. This gives us tremendous leeway in adjusting pictures to achieve the best possible quality. It also enables us to present the pictures to you in an on-line photo album and allows us to offer the option of purchasing a disk with all the pictures on it.

When should I first meet you?

Once you have made your decision for us to photograph your event, we will want to sit down with you at least one month before the day of the event. 

Do you provide me with proofs?

You will receive a full set of proofs and your photos will be published on our website for you and your friends to view.

How soon after the wedding will I get to see the photographs?

We will be publishing your photos on our website within 3 weeks of your event. You will receive your proofs shortly thereafter.

Do you offer black & white photography?

Yes. Although all photography will be taken in digital color, we offer black and white prints as well.